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   The Brockman Agency provides real financial              

   options when considering equipment purchases

   in today's uncertain business environment.
   By speaking with one of our representatives
   you can get informed of the facts and options
   available to you before you make the purchase.
   Leasing provides easy financing while saving
   you both time and money and reserving current
   on hand cash and credit lines for future opportunities.





                                         Leasing the equipment your business needs can save you out of pocket

                                         costs and make good tax sense while helping your balance sheet.
                                         Most traditional loan sources don't finance stand-alone equipment purchases,
                                         but we can finance all the equipment your business needs, both currently
                                         and in the future. We work with equipment dealers and vendors nationwide
                                         to finance their business client, we also work with business owners of every
                                         type to secure the purchase of equipment the business needs to function.

                                         You choose the equipment dealer / vendor and we'll do the rest for you.





                     WE MAKE LEASING EASY....


For Dealers, Vendors, And Distributors, the Brockman Agency can provide leasing assistance

for your business customers. We provide your business with an in-house financing source

which will aid your customers in the purchase of your products.

You don't need to be connected with multiple finance companies, as we have all the sources needed

to get the deals done. As a financial services broker, we have the relationships needed to get a lease sale

done with ease. We'll take care of your clients and work hard every day to give your clients

a great experience from start to finish, taking care of any concerns they might have along the way.

We prevent your business customers from having to go find a finance source on their own.

 Once they leave your business there's no guarantee they'll come back to purchase from you.

 Some financial sources require the purchaser to get the equipment from a dealer they already

 have a current business relationship with. Our Dealer - Vendor Program works well for all

 involved, the business owner purchasing equipment and the vendor-dealer selling the equipment.









                                          We serve most any type of business, financing most types

                                            of equipment, both new and used, across the Country...


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